drilling & Grouting services

warren george is a full service drilling company

The employees of Warren George have adopted the philosophy that with proper planning, resource allocation and guidance, even the most challenging projects can be successfully completed.

We have manufactured electric drilling equipment to meet the demands of working in confined space and occupied structures, permitting access to basements, tunnels and shafts. Our machine shop and fabrication facilities in Jersey City, New Jersey, allow us to construct special platforms and equipment to tackle many extraordinary projects. Locations of past projects range from the complex labyrinth of the subways of New York City to the basements of the smallest apartment buildings.

In addition to our expertise in completing small and unique projects, we offer a full range of drilling services for large, complex projects and installation geotechnical instrumentation. Our equipment is capable of coring rock from 1- to 4-in. diameter and advancing casing up to 10-in. diameter.

From local waterways, to the waters of South America and the Middle East, Warren George can supply the right combination of drilling, marine equipment and manpower to effectively complete your project.