Drilling and grouting projects

warren george local and national drilling projects

Throughout our history, Warren George has established its reputation by being able to tackle “the tough jobs” while maintaining a strong local presence. Some of Warren George’s more notable projects are:

  • 2nd Ave Subway in NYC - involved installation of instrumentation, extensometers and inclinometers, with truck-mounted rigs, at over 100 locations in holes up to 200 feet deep.
  • East Side Access in Long Island City – over 400 borings to a depth of 100 feet using various drilling rigs.
  • Moodus, CT – one 6.5-in. diameter boring at the depth of 6,500 feet, including rock coring.
  • The Bahamas – two water-based borings drilled to a depth of over 2,000 feet with continuous coring into “basement” bedrock.
  • Grand Central Terminal in NYC - installation of extensometers and inclinometers at over 100 locations with continuous rock coring up to 200 feet deep using Hi-Rail drill rigs.
  • Detroit, MI – drilled oriented continuous rock core 600 ft on a 45 degree angle, then 1800 ft horizontal using a track-mounted drill rig.
  • New Jersey Turnpike – drilled 1,600 borings, in locations ranging from roadways to swampland, up to 125 ft deep with 16 rigs of various configurations.
  • Israel – drilled four 2,500 ft deep holes with continuous HQ rock core, using an air-rig.
  • Kent Cliffs, NY – drilled one 6.5-in. diameter rock core to a depth of 3,300 ft.
  • San Francisco, CA – drilled 20 borings, within 5 ft of a BART Tunnel, to a depth of 200 ft .
  • Hunts Point Market, NY – used a portable electric rig to drill borings inside of an active freezer to determine frost depths.
  • Ocean Cay, The Bahamas – drilled over 100 land- and water-based borings on a remote island to depths over 150 ft with continuous rock coring.
  • NYC DEP South Street - drilled oriented continuous rock core 200 ft on a 45 degree angle, then 2,500 ft horizontal with a track-mounted drill rig.
  • Hudson River PATH Tunnel – drilled 2-in. diameter holes through existing tunnel liner to allow vane shear tests of existing surrounding soils.